TSACA Scholarship Application



Scholarship Eligibility and Selection Information


  • The goal of our scholarship program is to support students pursuing a degree or certification (to any trade school, accredited college or university) in a construction related field.

  • Scholarships are awarded in an amount up to $750.00 per semester, and a maximum of 4 years total.

  • This scholarship is open to employees of member companies as well as children of employees of member companies. All applicants will be considered, but preference for scholarships goes to construction related fields.

  • Scholarships are awarded for the upcoming Fall/Spring semesters. If awarded a scholarship, checks will be made payable to both the student and the academic establishment. In order to receive the amount for the 2nd semester, it is up to the student to provide fall transcripts and spring enrollment verification no later than January 31st. If you fail to provide your transcript by the date listed you forfeit your remaining scholarship funds for that academic year.

  • Scholarship recipients must maintain a 3.0 Cumulative GPA.

  • You may be asked to donate your time and participate at yearly events. (See our website for a list of our annual events)

Scholarship Committee reserves the right to make changes as needed.
***Warning: This Application will Time Out and Clear. You must complete it in ONE session***


I. Applicant Identification


What is your connection to TSACA?

  Option 1 - I work for a member company.
  Option 2 - My Parent works for a member company.
  Option 3 - Other

II. Academic Information

  Full Time Student
  Part Time Student (minimum of 6 hrs)

III. Goals and Objectives:



The Applicant should prepare a 1-2 page essay explaining why you want to be in the construction industry or your field of study and what series of events led you to this decision. If your major is not construction industry specific, please specify your career goals and how your degree of choice could translate into a construction related profession or job.


IV. References


If you would prefer a PDF version of the Scholarship Application, Email Shaél.